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Gary Null Speaks Out Against the Vaccine Industry PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Healing Universe   
Sunday, 25 October 2009 15:38

Gary Null holds a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science. For over three decades,he has been one of the foremost advocates of alternative medicine and natural healing. This video shows Dr. Null's submission to the NY State Assembly's Hearing on Vaccines on 13th October 2009.

Click the Readmore link below to see Dr. Null's submission "Gary Null Speaks Out Against Vaccine Industry",which is in three parts. Please bring this to the attention of all your friends, before it is too late!!!.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 October 2009 15:48
The Future : Computer, Genetics & the Brain PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Healing Universe   
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 14:18


Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986) is regarded globally as one of the greatest thinkers and religious teachers of all time. He did not expound any philosophy or religion, but rather talked of the things that concern all of us in our everyday lives.

"If you are not at all concerned with the world but only with your personal salvation, following certain beliefs and superstitions, following gurus, then I am afraid it will be impossible for you and the speaker to communicate with each other. We are not concerned at all with private personal salvation but we are concerned, earnestly, seriously, with what the human mind has become, what humanity is facing. We are concerned at looking at this world and what a human being living in this world has to do, what is his role?"... J. Krishnamurti

Click the Readmore link below to see the Krishnamurti video from 1983 entitled "The Future : Computer, Genetics & the Brain" where he describes how there is only one direction for us.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 14:39
The Extraordinary Nature Of Water PDF Print E-mail
Written by webadmin   
Thursday, 09 July 2009 04:37

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was an Austrian forester, naturalist and ingenious inventor. He viewed the intricate interconnectedness of all of Nature's energetic processes essentially sacred, emanating from the supreme source. Among other things, Schauberger made a lifelong study of water, from mountain springs to river flows and highly evolved hydraulics. He earned the name "Water Wizard" by developing a deep understanding of water as the most important life-giving and energy empowered substance on the planet.

Click the Readmore link below to learn more about Schauberger through the amazing 60 minute video, "Extraordinary Nature Of Water". This video will guide you through forests, rivers, and the global water cycle, revealing insights into water's nature and how it needs to be handled for all of us to stay healthy. See the effects of nature's amazing vortex motion in water and how to harness clean abundant energy from it.

Last Updated on Thursday, 09 July 2009 05:22
Bringing Matter to Life with Sound PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Healing Universe   
Friday, 17 July 2009 15:42

Hans Jenny (1904-1972) was a physician and natural scientist who is considered the father of cymatics - the study of wave phenomena. In this classic video Dr. Jenny demonstrates matter being brought to life by scalar sound waves.

Click the Readmore link below to see Jenny's video "Bringing Matter to Life with Sound",which is in three parts.This video beautifully complements the video "Scalar Waves in Healing" that can be found on http://www.thehealinguniverse.com/videos.html

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 July 2009 05:08
Flu Shot Linked to Cancer PDF Print E-mail
Written by eternity   
Monday, 06 July 2009 19:16

Getting a flu shot almost doubles the chance of getting cancer according to Lankes and colleagues. In a new study at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University, Lankes found that a single flu shot at any time alters the immune system in such a away that it increases the risk of cancer.  Receipt of a flu shot increases the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 53%, follicular lymphoma by 98% percent, and diffuse large B cell lymphoma by 88%.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 July 2009 05:00
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